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Teaching where it all started

Angelika Chycko

This amazing workout means the world to me – the second the music starts it does something to me and everyone in the class. I feel relaxed, committed to the workout and find energy that I thought I didn’t have

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I have found leading the class surprisingly satisfying and fulfilling

Vince Baczor

I have been a participant in the Club Kensington Hour of Power Class for five years and an instructor for two. My original motivation to train as an instructor was as emergency backup for Rajko, but as time progressed, he

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HOP® Class – a league of its own

Claire Solan

The Hour of Power has changed my life and the way I exercise. I have been attending Gordon’s class for one year and am totally hooked. I am a keen fitness enthusiast but never managed to stick at an activity

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An enjoyable workout

Aoife Winters

I have been doing Hour of Power for the last 18 months and I am totally hooked! Our instructor, Gordon makes everyone feel welcome in the class and provides great advice and encouragement on both technique and the recommended weights

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Hour of Power – Power in You!

Olga (Tony Sesto Class)

I was the most ordinary middle-aged woman. Stressed, overweight, with aches and pains  here and there. I was the one, who like many others, wanting to be fit and healthy, would sign for the gym or buy a fitness DVD

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Punishment with a smile

Costas Arpapi

My passport age is 49 but thankfully my mind age is 21! The latter allows me to push and challenge myself physically and mentally and has generally kept me fit for most of my life. I rowed in competitions at

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HOP® for all generations

Sue and Zena (Tony's HOP® class)

Hi we’re Sue and Zena, we’re mother and daughter. We’ve been doing Hour of Power for over 4 months and we love it! After the first class we thought wow! Tony is a brilliant teacher. He’s very passionate about what

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My Personal Power Journey

The Hour of Power Class found me and brought me back to life; my personal journey to get stronger emotionally, spiritually and physically began. A year ago I was at my lowest; I lost my sister 3 years earlier through

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HOP® Slodes – Vertical lifting class

HOP® Slodes Vertical lifting class

We all enjoy HOP® very much, especially me. In every class we try to challenge ourselves even more then in the previous one. Just to spice things up a little bit, twice a month we do the Vertical lifting class,

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HOP® presentation at humanitarian Zumba fitness party

On December 17th 2011 in Slodes, where I teach HOP®, was held an Humanitarian Zumba fitness party. It was organized by Zumba instructors from Serbia and their friends (belly dancers, HOP® – me, salsa dancers…). The money from the tickets

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Thought it was going to be static and similar to pilates, but I was terribly wrong

Marija HOP® Slodes

Yesterday I went to Ana Pavlovic‘s HOP® Class for the first time. I had no idea what’s it like. When I first started warming up and when I heard the music I was not thrilled, I thought it was going

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Ana’s HOP® Birthday party Class

HOP® Slodes 6

Today we had quite an unusual training; it was special for all of us as it was in spirit of Ana‘s Birthday. She was so cheerful and we had so much fun, we almost forgot we were exercising! Moreover, it

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HOP® on Serbian Health Festival

The Health Festival is organized to raise awareness about health in general and a and healthy life style. It is held twice a year, at the end of March and at the end of September. The General organizers are National Association

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A brilliant HOP® Workout session

Ivan Isailovic

Friday’s class is a great class because it is the day for more intense HOP® workout than usual, as Ana likes to say “so we don’t forget her until Monday”. The energy in the group was great! Today the intensity was

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We worked hard, but laughed a lot as well

Dee Mear

The atmosphere within our class tonight was brilliant; we all worked hard but laughed a lot as well. Simon’s passion for the class is evident to see and definitely hear, it’s hard to believe he ran the London Marathon 2

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I’m really proud of my HOP® Class

Avishayes HOP®

After a short enforced break from teaching due to the reoccurrence of a back injury I sustained during my time in the forces, it was good to be back at our Tuesday night class. With 60 people in attendance, including

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Glow Stick HOP® Class

Glow Stick Avishayes HOP®

I was completely blown away by this class, the attendance was our highest yet with an amazing 75 people. We were also lucky to have the support and sponsorship of Sainsbury’s who helped keep everybody cool by supplying the refreshment.

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HOP® – the class that makes a difference

Simon was unable to take tonight’s class so it was down to me to lead the way. We had our second highest attendance with 65 people coming to do the HOP®. There was a wide variety of people tonight too,

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