Hour of Power USP #8 – “Makes You Ready For Anything”

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  1. I can totally relate to the resting heart rate. I recently (about 6 months ago) went to the doctor for, what was later confirmed, as a broken toe.

    Whilst there he took my blood pressure etc and looked at me puzzled and asked if I was an athlete!

    My resting heart rate was 46.

    I explained what the Hour of Power was all about but after a raise of his wyebrows he is yet to come to a class!

    • Great stuff Jeff! That’s some proper Bradycardia! 🙂

      I will probably do a little webinar on this subject at some point as it’s not only interesting to understand physiologically why the resting hear rate reduces, but also can be useful to be prepared from a practical point of view… i.e. when I once had to be hospitalised for severe food poisoning after a trip to Africa, the initial nurse examiner measured my resting hear rate at 85 and wanted to send me home saying ‘Your heart rate is completely normal, so I don’t think it’s anything serious’ not realising that for my fully rested heart rate to be at 85 meant something was definitely wrong. I knew that, but she didn’t. She then measured my body temperature, saw that was abnormally high, sent me to the more senior doctor and I ended up on a drip.

      Always Important to know your own body!

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