Pure Fitness (Lindley, UK)

Hour of Power classes at Pure Fitness in Lindley (Huddersfield) take place in the elegant fitness studio located within what was once an active Mill at the Heritage Exchange. Walk yourself up the castle-like spiral stairwell and enter what is a dynamic fitness facility owned and managed by ex-professional Rugby Player Barry Jacobsz.

Rajko and Niall with Barry Jacobsz
Rajko and Niall with Barry Jacobsz

Classes have been taking place at this venue for almost a year, and are currently hosted by HOP® Instructor Niall Howard. Currently they are held on Sunday mornings 10.30am and Thursdays at 6pm and non-members are welcome to attend for a minimal fee.


Pure Fitness HoP Class
Pure Fitness HOP® Class

Niall Howard - HOP® Instructor
Niall Howard – HOP® Instructor

Niall Howard has been practising the Hour of Power for more than five years, and in 2012 certified to teach, shortly after also taking part in the Guinness Record Breaking Hour of Power Workout at Honley High School where he once attended as a student. Having passed the Hour of Power certification programme at Loughborough University in early 2012 he now leads classes at Pure Fitness and is passionate about sharing the Fitness4x4 method with people of all ages and backgrounds.

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