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This is the page our site where real people tell real stories of how Hour of Power® has impacted their life. More than just testimonials about the effectiveness of the workout or how many inches a person has lost from their waistline, this is a place where you will hear just how and why the Hour of Power® class manages to reach people and communities in ways that most other fitness classes do not. Click on the latest post below, or check out the archive to read previous stories.

“The HOP® truly is the toughest training both physically and mentally that I have encountered. I have played premier club rugby in New Zealand, the training was intense and my level of fitness had to be what I thought was near peak for me to remain competitive. However, since I have been doing the HOP® on a regular basis, my physical condition has improved dramatically. After the first couple of sessions, the body can recover without feeling aches and pains which allows you to train more frequently. I recommend it to anyone who desires better physical condition, and can guarantee that…

Jack Hoskyn, Rugby Player

“I have tried Pilates, circuit training etc…but I can honestly say HOP® is by far the best exercise class I have ever been to. I rode horses as my job for 10 years and in all that time I never had any definition in my upper arms, in just a few weeks of HOP® I can already see my arms have toned it is an amazing class and is completely addictive.”

Carol Casey, Recruitment Coordinator, The British Racing School

“The Hour of Power class was a great asset to the Loughborough Athletic Union. Adding a new dimension to sport at Loughborough is always a tough challenge, and yet this is exactly what the HOP® class did for almost a decade. The class really made a big impact on the students and each year memberships sold out quickly, making it obvious that HOP® reaches an audience that perhaps other fitness classes do not.”

Rick Smith, Athletic Union President 2009/10, Loughborough university

HOP® Droitwich
I went to my first HOP® class about 18 months ago, having never used weights before, I used the lightest weights and still could barely walk the next day, but I loved it! The thing I love most about the class is how you feel stronger every time you do it, you can see the definition in your muscles develop as you build strength and use heavier weights and the feeling you get when you manage to stay in that darn isometric squat for two minutes, well there’s nothing like it! Debbie Bradley (attends HOP® Droitwich) I love the Hour…

Julie Liggins HOP® Class

Kathryn Watts
My HOP® journey started a year ago and I had heard so many good things about this workout via FB that I knew I had to try it. For someone that doesn’t like exercise after my first class with Aimee I felt amazing! I knew then I was addicted to it…it is very rewarding and my body shape has changed so much along with my fitness levels! I find myself looking forward to every class now and I do extra squats and supermans when not at class!! I recommend HOP® to everyone I know and rave about it!!! Kathryn Watts My…

Aimee Featherstone’s HOP® Class

HOP® Isleham & Soham
I love the Isleham HOP because not only does the instructor, Nick support you every step of the way and push you to achieve your goals but also it is a real team atmosphere and we all work together during and after the workout, The friendliest workout sessions I ve ever been to!!! Suzanna Burrows After you get over the first class aches and stiffness that follows, then every other class from there in becomes such an addiction!! A total body workout achieved in every class that brings fast results too! The high intensity music and the guidance from the…

Nick Le-Wechner’s HOP® Class

Henni Hingston
Last April I decided I wanted to make lifestyle changes to be fitter and change my diet. My self esteem had been low after going through the body changes of having my son. I had tried slimming world and some workout DVDs and had the motivation to get off the couch but I wanted something more and I always work better in a team. That’s when I decided I needed a fitness class. I started HOP® last summer. I love how the class challenges me every time by going up in weights and having the self belief from my trainer, Michelle and our encouraging…

Michelle Knight’s HOP® Class

Craig Wilson
As someone who hated gyms and has tried every exercise fad going, the only thing I have ever stuck with is Hour of Power® with Michelle knight. I’ve been attending classes for almost a year now and still get a good workout and a buzz from it. My strength and stamina has increased and as it has so the weights I lift have increased hence ensuring that I am still pushing myself to my own limits. The class is really welcoming. All ages and fitness levels are represented and you never feel judged. Everyone works to their own limits but…

Michelle Knight’s HOP® Class (2)

HOP Brighouse & Elland (BMW charity class)
“I’ve never been that interested in group exercise classes but I really enjoy HOP® because it’s great fun, the music and atmosphere is brilliant and it’s really improving my fitness and working every part of my body” Darren Boston, Well being advisor/nutritionalist “Who knew exercise could be so much fun and addictive – Love it!!!” Andrea Farrow, participant “I have been doing the Hour of Power for over 3 years now. It’s a brilliant class to challenge yourself and push to your limits! I have seen a big improvement in my fitness levels since joining and will always keep it…

Push to your limits

The first week I also struggled to complete all of the squats, I’m now able to keep up and am pushing myself to squat lower.   No other exercise class has ever made me feel a difference in my body so quickly. There is also no time to get bored at the classes, there is just too much going on. I can never remember what is coming next, so always feels like a new class. I think Julie is an excellent teacher, she loves HOP® and that really brushes off on the class, the motivation she gives is really…

The Hour of Pleasure