Real People: Real Stories

This is the page our site where real people tell real stories of how Hour of Power® has impacted their life. More than just testimonials about the effectiveness of the workout or how many inches a person has lost from their waistline, this is a place where you will hear just how and why the Hour of Power® class manages to reach people and communities in ways that most other fitness classes do not. Click on the latest post below, or check out the archive to read previous stories.

Rich Smith“The Hour of Power class was a great asset to the Loughborough Athletic Union. Adding a new dimension to sport at Loughborough is always a tough challenge, and yet this is exactly what the HOP® class did for almost a decade. The class really made a big impact on the students and each year memberships sold out quickly, making it obvious that HOP® reaches an audience that perhaps other fitness classes do not.”

Rich Smith, Athletic Union President 2009/10, Loughborough university

Push to your limits

HOP Brighouse & Elland (BMW charity class)

“I’ve never been that interested in group exercise classes but I really enjoy HOP® because it’s great fun, the music and atmosphere is brilliant and it’s really improving my fitness and working every part of my body” Darren Boston, Well

The Hour of Pleasure

The first week I also struggled to complete all of the squats, I’m now able to keep up and am pushing myself to squat lower.   No other exercise class has ever made me feel a difference in my body

The hour just flies by

Keeley Webb, Sarah Jew, Sophie Tomkins

Julie’s HOP® classes are fab as she is supportive and encouraging! Through the focus of HOP® in just a few weeks I can now achieve things i didn’t think I would ever be able to do and I enjoy it! 

I actually look forward to doing exercise

“I met Ian Howell at a local running club last year, as well as helping with my running (run/walking at first) he told me about the Hour of Power classes he had attended in Dubai and how much fun it

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of HOP®!

HOP® Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove

“I am so happy I discovered Lindsey Allen’s Hour of Power class. From the first session I attended I was hooked by her amazing enthusiasm and positive and inspiring character. Attending the class has made a huge difference to my

Attending HOP® Class has given me the fitness bug!

HOP® Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove Class Participants

“Lindsey Allen HOP® class is my saving grace. I hadn’t done any exercise for a couple of years and thought I’d never find a class but more importantly an instructor I would want to keep going to . I love

Power of Life and for Life

Irina Sharma

When I attended my first Hour of Power class, I was sceptical and wanted to see how it would compliment with yoga, running, weight training and basketball, all of which I do regularly. What caught my attention and made me feel comfortable

Most original and enjoyable exercise class

Carrie Skinner and Lucy Smart

I didn’t know what to expect from my first HOP® class, I found it daunting starting a new class but I love it! A few thoughts entered my head for example what if I’m not fit enough for that class.