Punishment with a smile

Costas Arpapi
Costas Arpapi

My passport age is 49 but thankfully my mind age is 21! The latter allows me to push and challenge myself physically and mentally and has generally kept me fit for most of my life.

I rowed in competitions at Putney on the River Thames and trained on the River Lea in Broxbourne. I ran half marathons, played tennis competitively in the Middlesex league and regularly swam 100 lengths at Southgate swimming pool. This sadly ended in 1998 due to family commitments taking priority. I restarted my fitness regime and joined HOP® 4 months ago. My goal is to once again achieve a high level of fitness and vitality allowing me to enjoy life as a participant and not a spectator.

The HOP® Workout is demanding and exercises all parts of the body in an intense programme. This has helped my golf as I am now hitting the ball further due to extra strength and flexibility and now strive to reduce my handicap from 11 to single figures. It was a great pleasure meeting Rajko and Dragan recently in your master class session. It is a testament to you for your inspiration, energy and drive to ensure we keep going through the class even though our body and mind says stop! Every week you add a twist to the moves and make it that little extra demanding and every week we come back for more punishment with a smile.

Our class is getting bigger and the only worrying thought I have, is how early do I have to turn up to ensure I get a space! You have me hooked and like others I can’t wait for an extra lesson or two during the week. A great following with great music and plenty of encouragement from all our peers.

Costas Arpapi

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