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Fitness class for all ages

Lorna Noonan & Brenda Davies

The Hour of Power for us is a class that is good for all ages. We are ladies of a certain age and find the workout enjoyable and really beneficial.  We both have had injuries to rehab, including hip replacement

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Buzzing by the end of the session

Ian Tregerja

From my first session of The Hour of Power, I knew it would be something I would carry on with every week. I play a lot of Rugby and the training works well to up my fitness level and up

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Not a minute wasted with HOP®

Tim Healey

I have never been a regular visitor to the gym, unless your idea of regular is once every other year. I am a ski instructor and kiteboard to a reasonable level, and believe that the best way to achieve functional

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HOP® Hoylake class testimonials

HOP® Hoylake

“Hour of power is amazing, Gill is an ace motivator. My friends and I look forward to every class. I am a fully fledged HOP® addict.” Abi Swanick “My first Hour of Power class today.  I could really feel the

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