Certification Training FAQs

How much does the HOP® Instructor Certification Course cost?
£350 (including pre-course Fitness4x4® Online Tutorial and Manual, worth £150 when booked independently from the HOP® weekend certification course)

What is included in the course?
2 day’s tuition and mentoring, 70-page Hour of Power® Manual & Training DVD, Hour of Power® PPL/PRS royalty-free music, live video assessment, 2x HOP® masterclasses + tea/coffee and light refreshments.

Are there any Licence fees?
Yes, a licence fee is charged to all active instructors or clubs (see definitions below) on a monthly basis depending on your HOP® provider status, class frequency and in the case of HOP® Franchisees, your degree of territorial exclusivity.

What Licence do I need (Instructor or Club)?
If you are an individual you’ll need to pay an Instructor License and if you are a Health Club, Gym or Leisure Facility, you’ll need to pay the Club License.

How are Instructor Licenses Categorised?
Instructor Licenses are allocated according to your teaching status and your means of remuneration for teaching. Individuals who are freelance (self employed) instructors, paid a fixed class wage by a health club operator (or gym) are classified as either Active 1 or Active 2 HOP® Instructors, depending on how many HOP® classes they are teaching per week. Individuals who rent space to teach classes in a hired hall or studio, are categorised as HOP® Independent Providers. And finally, individuals who only deliver on-duty HOP® classes in a HOP® licensed Club (and are thereby covered by the Club’s license) are only required to maintain a HOP® Instructor Membership.  (Patrons of the HOP® workout or those instructors who are offering only voluntary/charitable/unpaid HOP® classes will also come under the Instructor Member classification).

What’s the difference in license fees?
Instructor Member = £5 per month
Active 1 (1 paid class per week) = £10 per month
Active 2 (2 or more paid classes per week) = £20 per month
Independent Provider (unlimited independent classes/locations) = £40 per month
Club License (unlimited classes from unlimited certified instructors at a single designated site = £50 per month
Franchisee (territorial exclusivity) = Agreed on Application

What is a HOP® Franchisee?
A HOP® Independent Provider or Licensed Club may apply to Fitness4x4 Ltd to be granted territorial exclusivity and full franchise rights to The HOP® workouts and original Hour of Power® class, to ensure that they are the only official provider of this workout method in their competitive business district. Subject to approval by Fitness4x4 Ltd and acceptance of the full HOP® Franchise Agreement Terms and Conditions by the applicant, the Independent Provider (or licensed Club) will then be granted complete exclusivity for HOP® provision for their defined territory, as well as Branding Rights, Bespoke Marketing Customisation, Masterclass and Media Support and more. No other HOP® provider or prospective trainee will then be permitted to operate in this defined territory for the duration of the Franchise agreement.

What is an active HOP® instructor?
An instructor that is currently taking classes on a regular basis and has a fully paid license fee account, suitable PI insurance in place & has also met the Hour of Power CPD requirements to maintain competency as an instructor.

What is a HOP® Member or ‘Inactive’ instructor?
An instructor who is certified to teach HOP® but is not currently teaching classes, or is only offering occasional cover-teaching, is considered a HOP® Instructor Member and is able to maintain their status on the official register of HOP® instructors by maintaining payment of their basic Instructor Member fees; ensuring that they do not have to re-attend certification and that they maintain full access to the Instructor-Only areas of the HOP® website and store.  Failure to maintain an Instructor Membership, even whilst not actively teaching, will mean that full re-certification will be required (including re-attending the 2 day certification course) in the event that the instructor wishes to begin teaching again.

What is a ‘lapsed’ HOP® Instructor?
An instructor who is no longer teaching and has failed to maintain an active Instructor Membership is classified as a ‘lapsed’ instructor. IF at any time a ‘lapsed’ instructor wishes to re-activate their Registered Instructor status and begin teaching classes again, they may be required to re-attend the full HOP® Certification Course and/or pay an Activation Fee according to their duration ‘lapsed’. The only way for an inactive instructor to remain on the official Register of Certified HOP® Instructors is to maintain the basic HOP® Instructor Membership at a cost of £3 per month.

What is a Trainee instructor?
A trainee instructor is someone who has completed the full HOP® certification course but is yet to complete their final exam or submit their required video for assessor evaluation. A Trainee Instructor is not permitted to teach (or cover) HOP® classes in the public domain. In order to begin teaching classes, the Trainee must complete every requirement of their HOP® certification, achieve a FULL PASS in their final video Evaluation and have activated the appropriate Active Instructor License (or Membership).

Do I have to take any further courses in the future?
Currently there is no requirement to attend further certification or training if an instructor only wishes to continue to teach the original full-length format ‘Hour of Power’ class for which they were originally certified. However, an instructor wishing to teach additional Fitness4x4® or HOP® class formats will be required to complete all relevant supplementary Fitness4x4 education and training related to those format variations.

Fitness4x4 Ltd also reserves the right to request re-submission of instructor videos from any and all HOP® instructors if there is concern that the instructor is not teaching according to HOP® standards, or at any time following a period of two or more years since their original certification or re-attendance to a course. These video re-submissions will be evaluated at no cost to the instructor and will serve to re-confirm the individual’s certified HOP® instructor status. Alternatively an instructor may choose to re-attend the 2-day certification, which will carry only an administrative cost of £15 per day for registered instructors or £75 per day for lapsed instructors.

Can I cancel my license fee?
Yes – If you give us 1 months notice in writing with a brief explanation of how your teaching status is changing or why you need to stop teaching,  you can then amend your payments according to your new situation, revert to Instructor Member-Only status, or in the case of an instructor wishing to permanently stop teaching, cancel your payments altogether.

Please Note:  In the instance of complete termination of your HOP Instructor status, you may be asked to return your Training DVD, manual, music CD, instructor uniform and HOP® Instructor Certificate.

As a qualified PT, can I teach elements of the HOP® Workout in my PT sessions?
If you are a trained and fully certified PT it is permitted to teach any approved format of the HOP® (for which you have been trained and certified to teach) in the context of a Personal Training session. However we do not authorise or encourage instructors to teach disparate elements of the workout, outside of the context of the official HOP® format, as the Effectiveness and Safety of the The HOP® fitness workouts is highly dependent on the order, execution, structure, and duration of the exercises utilised, which have been developed and tested by Fitness4x4 over a period of more than 30years.

As a qualified Exercise-To-Music (ETM) instructor, can I teach elements of the HOP® Workout in other studio classes or workouts that I have developed?
It is not permitted for any HOP® Instructor to take elements of the HOP® workout or Fitness4x4® training method and use them within the context of any other workout, whether this other workout is self-choreographed or a known, branded workout. The on-going success and safe-delivery of the HOP® workout and Fitness4x4® training method is entirely dependent on the co-operation and professionalism of our trained HOP® Instructor community to deliver classes only according to how they were intended. The disparate use of segments of the HOPr workout in the context of other studio workouts or group fitness sessions, in a manner which has not been tested or approved by Fitness4x4®, would not only be a legal breach of the HOP® Instructor License Agreement, but would inevitably serve to damage both the effectiveness of the exercises we endorse and the good name of Fitness4x4 built up over many years at the highest level of physical endeavour, physical testing and participant feedback. Whilst scores of ‘lightweight’ fitness methods come and go from year to year, month to month, the Hour of Power® (HOP®) workouts and the Fitness4x4® Training Philosophy which underpins these classes, has been impacting people’s lives for more than 30years, and with the help of our passionate and talented instructors it can continue to do so for many years to come. Not because of marketing, clever gimmicks or celebrity endorsement, but because the format, structure and theoretical foundation which shapes & supports this original workout style is quite genuinely Tried and Tested. We want to keep it that way.