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Hour of Power® Instructor training is not about selling you unecessary expensive kit, endless music remixes and choreography. It is not about taking old exercises and passing them off as new. Those are things other studio-fitness methods have done for years, and will continue to do for years to come…

HOP is about changing peoples lives

– starting with your own.

It is about empowering entire classes full of ordinary clients and making them extraordinarily physically fit, in ways they could not have foreseen as possible. Sharing an authentic, proven fitness strategy that will forever change their approach to exercise and their understanding of vitality. That’s powerful. That’s the Hour of Power®.

For more than 30 years, Hour of Power Instructors have been teaching ordinary people how to become extraordinary athletes in a safe, time-efficient and accessible way. We believe that fitness classes are an opportunity for people of all ages & background to not only challenge their bodies in a motivating environment – but more importantly to understand their bodies better. To understand fitness in a logical, practical and functional way. And we have found over the course of the last 30 years and many thousands of success stories, that when you take your clients on a journey with you, not simply to burn calories, but to become masters of their own bodies, they become committed, loyal & enthusiastic promoters of not only your class – but of you as their instructor.

We teach our instructors revolutionary Principles of Training which they then share freely with their participants. The result is a contagious energy, positively addictive and massively rewarding form of group exercise – the ultimate workout.

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