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Our Instructor Certification Course (worth 16CPD REPs points*) focuses on giving you the practical skills, technical proficiency & essential knowledge-base required to become an effective and highly successful Hour of Power Instructor.

Hop Instructor Course

Hour of Power instructor training is much more than learning a new routine of exercises or some clever techniques of how to hype-up your participants. Other studio-fitness methods have been doing that for years, and will continue to do that in various disguises for many years to come.

Hop Instructor Course

We want to give you much more than that…

Through a combination of our pre-course online tutorial, two days of intensive learning & practical, and hands-on guidance from our most senior trainers, you will learn to teach one of the most mindful, dynamic & incredibly effective studio classes on the UK fitness scene.

For more than 25 years, Hour of Power Instructors have been teaching ordinary people how to become extraordinary athletes in a Safe, Time-Efficient and fully Accessible way. We believe that fitness classes are an opportunity for people of all ages & background to not only challenge their bodies in a motivating environment – but more importantly to understand their bodies better. To understand the essential components of fitness in a logical, practical and functional way. And we have found over the course of the last 25 years, that when you take your clients on a journey with you, not simply to burn calories, but to become masters of their own bodies, they become committed, loyal & enthusiastic promoters of not only your class, but you as an instructor.

Hop Instructor Course

We teach our instructors revolutionary Principles of training which they then share freely with their participants – and the end result is a contagious, addictive and massively rewarding form of group exercise, led by instructors who know how to empower their participants, physically and intellectually. (* CPD Points available only to REPs Registered L2 Qualified Fitness/ETM Instructors and L3 PT’s or equivalent.)

So why not enrol today and become a part of this exciting movement NOW! 

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