Four decades on… and still powering!

Since its inception in the early 1980’s the Hour of Power® workout has always aimed to be a means by which the ordinary person can achieve an extraordinary level of fitness. This remains the mission statement of today’s classes, which are taught by dedicated instructors across the United Kingdom and internationally.

HOP® Classes

Where you find an Hour of Power class you will find an incredibly effective workout that is simultaneously perfectly accessible to men and women of all age groups, all backgrounds and all fitness levels – from beginner to elite. Many workouts hope to be this broad in their scope, but only the Hour of Power has consistently delivered this breadth for over three decades. How? By making the emphasis of every workout ENERGY Output. TEAM Spirit, FOCUSED Effort and MINDFUL fitness.

When you have the tools to take your fitness to ever-higher levels, it doesn’t matter where you are starting from, that journey will always be safe, fulfilling and motivating. Hour of Power class gives you those specialist tools and creates that empowering environment, and the results simply follow.