Hour of Power® ONLINE

The NEW Hour of Power ONLINE (based on the official Hour of Power Workout DVD) is the culmination of 25 years of the most efficient fitness class in the world. Designed to maximize your energy capacity, dramatically improve your fitness and permanently change your physique, this workout will guide you through the workout that allowed Rajko to set a world record in upper body endurance and his father Dragan Radovic to go 10 years undefeated in fitness challenges across the world.

Whether you are young or old, male or female, a beginner to exercise or an elite athlete, this workout can be tailored to perfectly and safely increase your cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and strength in the minimum time possible! When it comes to total body fitness no other workout can compete with Hour of Power…it is the ultimate fitness class.


“I thought running was the only thing that really changed my fitness, but since doing the HOP® I’ve reduced my running to only once a week and yet I’m running faster than ever cos my fitness is higher than ever.”

Beverley Colley, Age 43

Hour of Power has made me not only massively fitter, but much calmer. I went into my exams really calm for the first time ever this year and the only difference in the lead up to the exams was the fact i was doing the HOP®”

Sukh Gill, Age 17

“This DVD is the best thing we’ve produced to date… it really captures the energy of the studio-class.”

Rajko Radovic, HOP® National Director