Instructor Testimonials

Hour of Power® – Changing people’s lives since 1985!

David Arnot

“As a professional athlete I was genuinely impressed at the intensity of the Hour of Power workout…which is why its the only studio-fitness class I’ve ever wanted to learn to teach”

David Arnot – HOP® Instructor & Scotland Rugby International

Michelle Williams“In most group exercise classes you spend much of your time simply demonstrating and guiding people through new moves or new routines, which tends to result in quite superficial teaching. But with the Hour of Power, I have found so much more freedom to actually teach. I can focus more deeply on how each individual connects to their own body… and I feel I am making a difference that goes beyond just helping someone drop a couple of clothes sizes or look good in a swimsuit!”

Michelle Williams – HOP® Instructor, Martial Arts Teacher & Personal Trainer

GillGarner“Everytime I teach the HOP®, I get excited. To me its not a class, its a journey for the body & mind that gets better everytime you do it. …leaves you feeling clarity in your mind, a huge sense of achievement and bursting with vitality! I never experienced this with any other classes that I teach.”

Gill Garner – HOP® Instructor & Full-Time Body Trainer

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