Licensing & Fees

Instructor Certification & Training 

Instructor Certification CoursesFor more than fifteen years, Fitness4x4 Ltd has been professionally training and certifying instructors in the original Hour of Power® (HOP®)  workout & Fitness4x4® training method, offering Industry Recognised training and specialist CPD fitness education to candidates of all ages and fitness backgrounds.

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Instructor Certification Courses
(Hour of Power® / HOP® Certified Instructor)
£350.00 (inc VAT)
Certification Course Includes: Pre-Course Fitness4x4® Foundation (Online Module); two days (16hours) of Advanced Instructor Education led by Fitness4x4® Master Trainers; The official Hour of Power® Instructor Manual, DVD & Royalty Free Music Soundtrack as well as an opportunity to participate in two scheduled masterclasses. Prerequisite: Level 2 Gym or Level 2 ETMREPS BOOK HERE


Licence Fees for Instructors and Clubs

Exclusivity Franchise

Subject to Agreement

EXCLUSIVE Provision of Hour of Power®/HOP® in an Agreed Franchise Territory, with full Brand & Merchandising Rights, Bespoke Marketing Support & Guaranteed ‘Non-Compete’ Teaching Territory
Licensed Club/Venue £50.00/month (Unlimited Classes & Instructors at a Single Named Site)
Independent Provider (IP) £40.00/month (Unlimited Independent Classes at Unlimited Private/Unlicensed Venues)
IP Active-1 Instructor £10.00/month (Contracted class provision at a single health club or gym – 1class per week max)
IP Active-2 Instructor £20.00/month (Contracted class provision at a single health club or gym – 2+classes per week)
Instructor Member £5.00/month (Instructor Registration & Cover Teaching only – or ‘on-duty’ teaching at a licensed venue)

*Please note: All licenses include rights to PPL/PRS Royalty Free HOP® Music Soundtracks, Instructor-Only Web Portal including Daily Guidance, Free Marketing Materials, Media & Business Support,  full access to Hour of Power®/HOP® Trademark & Fitness4x4® Copyright Protected Formats.


Masterclass Services

HOP® Master Class PosterThe original Hour of Power® Masterclass (with optional seminar & workshop) led by Fitness4x4 co-founder Rajko Radovic:  endurance World Record Holder, BBC & Discovery Channel’s Last Man Standing and current National Director for Fitness4x4® and the Hour of Power® Workout.

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Hour of Power® Masterclass at your Venue
led by HOP® Master Trainer RAJKO
Masterclass Only £300.00 (+travel)
Hour of Power® Masterclass + Seminar + Group Workshop 
Full 90 minute Masterclass + Fitness4x4 Seminar (and Dragan Challenge) + Well-Being Workshop. (½ Day)
½ Day Event £500.00     (+ travel)


Official Music Soundtracks (PPL/PRS Royalty Free)

ROCK-HOP-USBFrontThe official music of the Hour of Power® Workout produced in collaboration with Sunosis Music, professionally mixed and mastered to the highest quality studio sound and tailored to every second, every movement and every nuance of your Hour of Power® workout.

Official Instructor Hour of Power® ‘ElectroHOP’
(only available for purchase by registered certified Hour of Power® instructors). The original music from the original Hour of Power® workout, available as a single CD or Double-CD with ‘no countdowns’ Album Version.  
1 x CD £9.95 (+P&P)
Official Instructor RockHOP® (‘2016 Re-Release’) 
(Only available to registered certified Hour of Power® Instructors who have completed the official RockHOP® Instructor Training Course (CPD).
1 x CD £9.95 (+P&P)

Please visit the official HOP® Instructor Store for more details of the official HOP® Soundtrack Releases


Instructor Marketing MaterialsHour of Power Flyer_Sample1

Please visit the official HOP® Instructor Store for our full catalogue of Instructor Clothing and Merchandise.

HOP® Banner (female wide)

Item Quantity Cost
A5 Leaflets 500 £25.00 (+P&P)
A5 Leaflets 1000 £30.00 (+P&P)
A5 Leaflets 2000 £37.50 (+P&P)
A4 Posters 20 £15.00 (+P&P)
A3 Posters 10 £15.00 (+P&P)
Pop-Up Banners Banner + Stand £85.00 (+P&P)


PLEASE NOTE: Any person who, without the prior written consent of Fitness4x4 Ltd, uses the intellectual property of Fitness4x4 Ltd (including its trade marks Fitness4x4®, Hour of Power®, The HOP® Series, or any of its copyrighted music) or found to be offering fitness services substantially similar to those associated with those trademarked brands and formats, will be deemed to have consented to the full terms and conditions of the published Fitness4x4® Instructor License Agreement and to the payment of all applicable fees thereunder. (View Fitness4x4® Full License Agreement Here).