Hour of Power® Master Class

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Join Hour of Power Master Trainer and BBC’s Last Man Standing Rajko as he leads a Masterclass to remember, introducing the latest Hour of Power workout music and challenging you to take the very best you can from your training.

Rajko has been the most prolific Hour of Power instructor over the past 10 years, having set up and taught successful classes in 3 continents, at numerous health clubs and sports facilities – perhaps most notably the highly successful LSU Hour of Power club at Loughborough University, which he founded in the year 2000.

Rajko is also the Director of Fitness4x4 Ltd and responsible for overseeing the development of Hour of Power worldwide, training up more than 100 new instructors in recent years and recently releasing the Hour of Power workout DVD in all major UK retailers.

He also remains unbeaten in the infamous Dragan Challenge Dumbbell lifting contest and currently holds a world record in Endurance lifting.

Book Rajko for a workout to remember and a chance to experience a dynamic session of Hour of Power, with one of the founding figures of this training method.