Becki Dixon

I first heard about Hour of Power through my Auntie Julie and Uncle Ian who had started up their own HOP classes in Newmarket. I had been doing the Hour of Power DVD at home for some months, however, had not yet attended a class so I decided to go to my first class, which was a master class and well what a class that was. The enthusiasm, passion and happiness that was felt not just from the instructors but also the participants, was something that I wanted to be part of and not seen in any other fitness class.

I started attending regular classes with Julie and Ian and after 1 year decided to become an instructor. Since my job is highly demanding with at times variable working hours, this prevents me from having my own classes, therefore I will be a supporting instructor and cover classes when needed.

I have been helping out with classes in East Anglia and will continue to work towards my own fitness goals as well as helping others achieve theirs.