Charmaine Cameron-Webb

Location: UK


Stringer’s Gym, Truro

  • Wednesdays 18:30
  • Saturdays 08:00

As a Fitness and Weight-Loss Consultant, I am always looking for exciting new fitness classes to motivate my clients and HOP really fulfils that. When delivering the taster sessions I knew that it would be popular and my waiting list only serves to confirm it. Back in May 2016 I competed in a 40-mile Ultramarathon and came 2nd, obviously, I was thrilled and I put it down to my HOP training. The countless reps that trained muscular endurance and mental focus really helped me dig deep and keep on going when I didn’t think I had anything left.

I have been a fitness instructor for the last 13 years and there is no class that compares to it. Bringing a group buzz and spirit unlike most other classes HOP is challenging but the regressions make it a class suitable for most participants and I am proud to be delivering such a dynamic group fitness experience.