Chris Regis

Chris Regis
Location: UK


The Fitness Studio, Gorseinon
  • Tuesdays 19:00
  • Sundays 10:30
Chris Regis

As a cyclist, I used to regularly shun training other than when in the saddle which led ultimately to my upper body and core showing their weaknesses, especially at the end of tough competitions.

I knew I should have been cross-training in the gym. However, I admit I struggled with the motivation to keep it regular and intense enough that it would make a difference. Then I discovered The Hour of Power! It was the right combination of strength and endurance that has now given me the edge when sprinting out of the saddle or tacking tough off-road sections. Strong Legs but ‘Weak Arms’ is now a thing of the past, plus it is addictive enough that it is an area of fitness I no longer worry about letting slip.

I now run a fitness centre in Swansea. When we were developing a class time table, adding The Hour of Power was a no brainer. I now attract all sorts of people, from those simply bored with the same old gym routine to those wanting to lose weight. Even the Zumba addicts keep coming back.