Darren Rudecki

Darren Rudecki
Location: Hemel Hempstead/Marston Mortaine, UK


Powerleague Milton Keynes

  • Tuesdays 18:00
Darren Rudecki

I am one of the longest-standing (or squatting!) Instructors and a senior member of the Hour of Power team, having completed the first official Certification course for Hour of Power back in June 2003.

So in my first decade of teaching, I have been mentored and supported by master trainer & pioneer of the ultimate fitness class, Rajko Radovic, and his father, the founder of the Fitness4x4 method, Dragan Radovic.

I have worked my way up on merit to be one of the most experienced instructors, taught hundreds of classes and attended various refresher courses to help and support other budding new instructors. I have loved every step (and rep) along the way and even came 2nd in the 2009 Dragan Challenge vertical lifting contest (20kg) before Maximuscle joined forces to create the more bearable 16kg challenge.

I also have several advanced masterclasses (taught by Rajko) under my belt and this rigorous but satisfying training method has enabled me to reach a level of fitness high enough to attempt (and complete) the ruthless Exmoor Beast 100 mile cycling event in October 2010, on a £300 mountain bike… Not bad for somebody whose background is Finance & Accounting!

My moto in classes is keep going until you need to stop, and then do another 10 reps! 😉