Gavin Turner

Gavin Turner
Location: UK


  • Mondays 18:15
  • Friday 19:15
  • Sundays 10:15
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Gavin Turner

I have been using 4×4 and Hour of Power for a number of years now. Everyone I have met who does the class, it always means something subtly different to them. For me, it’s about maintaining a healthy mind and body. Every workout is a test of both mental and physical fitness.

On a personal level, I use the HOP® principles as the basis for approaching my own training and exercise. Like many of the guys involved with HOP®, I started out attending classes and quickly got hooked. The class provides me with a safe workout that can be balanced practically with a regular lifestyle and delivers both visible and measurable results. I consider it to be really important to continually learn and develop myself on a personal level as well as in a HOP® Instructor capacity. So, you can usually find me participating in other HOP® classes at least a couple of times per week.

Gavin Turner

My approach to instructing focuses on understanding an individual’s needs and what I can do to help motivate them to help them to achieve their goals. I aim to deliver classes that are positive, high-energy and friendly. I strive to make every class my best whether teaching or participating. I challenge myself and encourage others to do the same in order to exceed our limitations. Personally, I believe such limitations are simply challenges that we have put upon ourselves, and after-all, challenges are there to be overcome, right?!