Gill Garner

Gill Garner
Contact number: 07801352533
Location: Wirral, UK


Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa

  • Thursdays 07:00 (60 minutes)
  • Saturdays 09:45 (60 minutes)

(Private members only)

Gill Garner

I have worked in the fitness industry for 25 years, the industry has changed so much since the ’80s. I originally trained in ballet and then turned my physical energy to aerobics and fitness. I have evolved and broadened my knowledge and techniques continuously branching into personal training and sports massage therapy.

I have also studied and qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Thought Field Therapy. I like to be able to unite the mind and body to achieve the maximum results with the clients I train.

My main passion is studio teaching and out of all the different practises I have learnt and studied (including: studio cycling, boxing, aerobics, aqua, pilates and many more)

I believe the Hour of Power to be the most inspiring, safe and productive class I have ever studied and taught. The results from the workout are amazing.

I want to reach as many people as possible with the Hour of Power on the Wirral and beyond.