Jeff Pyne

Jeff Pyne
Contact number: 0791 7181982
Location: UK


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I was always active throughout my younger life, whether playing football (both regular and American) or other outdoor pursuits. I would say that I probably took my fitness for granted. And whilst as an adult I maintained a good amount of hillwalking and other significant physical activity, I still looked for something else to help recapture that younger fitness. I never really liked the ‘gym scene’ and felt very self-conscious whenever I went there but begrudgingly did so out of necessity.

I tried various exercise classes with no real success or desire to attend regularly, until I went along to support my brother in law, Ian Howell, in his Hour of Power class and BINGO! I was hooked from the get-go.

It had so much energy, fun and a real sense of team spirit from the other people in the class, even for the newbies, that I felt that I did not want to go the next class, I HAD to go back to the next class!

Several months on and moving forward from hiding at the back of the class to standing up front, I decided that I would like to step up and become an instructor. Now, I teach in the Bury St Edmunds area in Suffolk as part of the Hour Of Power East Anglia team

As someone who didn’t really ‘do’ exercise classes and has absolutely no coordination, I cannot emphasise enough how fantastic HOP® is. It challenges you, pushes you and drives you to greater all-round body fitness, yet in an environment that is safe, friendly, fun and inclusive of people of any age, size, shape or ability. In fact, it simply adjusts to any person’s ability whilst everyone still does the same routine.

I simply cannot get enough of it and all the other aspects of 4×4 fitness. Try it, but be prepared to get hooked on the HOP!