Joanna Bowerman

My fitness journey has been quite varied and at times quite solitary. My first love was cycling, inspired by my dad, and I covered hundreds of miles and spent equally as many hours on a turbo trainer, training for long distance time-trialling. On starting up my own business, the hours spent on the bike had to change and I took up running, same fitness levels with much less time invested. I wanted to put my fitness bug to good use though, so I completed my Level 3 Fitness Instructor course with Premier Fitness in 2006 whilst pregnant with my son. Life then took over and it is only now that I can put my qualification to use – being inspired by Rajko and Hour of Power at a Fitness Fiesta when I did the class twice I loved it so much!

I am so excited to be able to bring the Hour of Power to my local area. It is a motivating and uplifting fitness class with tangible, visible results. I love the mindfulness of the class, concentrating on form and technique to get the best possible results. The class doesn’t change but it changes you!

It improves strength and stamina after only a few sessions and is perfect for improving fitness for whatever sport you do, or just if you want to tone up and get fit. I know that if I had known about it in my cycling days I would have been smashing records!