Julia Baxter

Julia Baxter
Location: UK


Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa
  • Mondays 19:00 (30 minutes) (Private members only)
Julia Baxter

After being in the Health & Fitness Industry for 10 years originally starting as a Level 2 Gym Instructor going on to take my Exercise to Music, I have seen a lot of training methods. I have also been a participant in many classes. However, training for my Level 3 Personal Trainer, I really began to feel more passion for the industry and a desire to explore more deeply into a variety of exercise methods.

I came across the Hour of Power through my friend and colleague Jacqui Allcock. To say the least, I was blown away. As a PT the different components the class covers in just one hour is amazing. The mind & body connection is very powerful, giving an amazing energy rush and a great feeling will-power.

I believe the HOP® to be effective at working on muscle strength, flexibility, core strength, balance, posture and the mind…in just one hour!

Every class I have taken part in, especially since becoming an instructor has been liberating and inspiring. I truly look forward to sharing this experience with as many people as possible.