Laura McCann

Laura McCann
Contact number: 0151 336 3938
Location: UK


Thornton Hall Hotel and Spa

  • Sundays 09:15

Bookings: Contact via Thornton Hall

Having always been enthusiastic about health and fitness, I completed a diploma in personal training with referred populations in 2011, and have continued to develop my knowledge in the field since. I not only thrive by seeing fitness improvements and individual goals being met…but I get the most pleasure from seeing real health improvements, and watching how they can hugely impact on an individuals life- for the better, physically and mentally.

I’ve seen first hand how exercise can help the mind and the body, and how they work hand in hand. I hadn’t, however, found a group fitness class that really connects the mind and body like the Hour of Power does. The feeling of vitality it produces has an undeniable positive effect mentality, whilst the exercise simultaneously gives the physical progress that individuals strive for.

I’ve really enjoyed my journey of learning the Hour of Power class, and genuinely get such a great feeling on completion, each and every time I attend or instruct. I can push my fitness limits, yet feel completely refreshed and revitalised, and all within an hour!

I look forward to continue attending and instructing my own classes, and introducing new people to the experience along the way. My hope is to introduce more people to the Hour Of Power, to give them the opportunity to see physical improvements and gain mental positivity- just as I have experienced with the Hour Of Power class.