Malcolm Bourne

Malcolm Bourne
Location: Bristol, UK


Christ Church Clifton, Bristol

  • Thursdays 18:30

My sporting passion from a young age was always athletics, specifically sprinting. As a 17yr old junior athlete, I reached the ranking of 4th in the UK for the 200m, and after gaining a Sport Science degree from Brunel University, I continued to train and compete in sprinting, whilst also using my sprint-training foundation to excel in a number of power-based sports, including semi-professional Rugby and Bobsleigh. Outside of sport, my desire has always been to promote health and in the early 2000s this led me to become co-founder of an independent Juice bar in West London. For me, a holistic approach to healthy living through a combination of diet and exercise is something that I have always wanted to explore and this also led me to consider the role of spirituality in health and fitness. Since qualifying as an Hour of Power® instructor in 2014 I have been actively exploring different ways of bringing spiritual elements into the class.

“As a follower of Jesus, it’s a natural progression to see my faith integrated into every aspect of life. I would like every class I lead to have a spirit of thankfulness about it, and I hope that people with or without faith would feel comfortable in the class and would get just as much (if not more) from it as from any other HOP class. The combining of the mental and the physical have always been a part of the Fitness4×4 philosophy, so adding the spiritual, for me, seems like a natural progression.”