Megan Brown

I am a dedicated, determined and devoted person who puts everything into everything I do. I have a strong background in team and individual sports (Football, Horse Riding, and Athletics) and keeping fit has always been something that interests me and has also played a big part in helping me de-stress and escape from, for example, the pressures of studies.

After leaving High School and joining Sixth Form, I joined my local gym; where my Hour of Power journey began. Three years later, I was under the ‘Hour of Power spell’ and was completely hooked. I enjoyed other fitness classes and going to the gym, but the Hour of Power offered something else, which undoubtedly kept me coming back for more – not to mention the fitness benefits it provided!

In my first year at the University of Leicester studying Law, to my disappointment, the Hour of Power was not taught at my University’s gym, which meant months without it and counting down until the holidays. To ease these withdrawal symptoms from the Hour of Power, I decided to become an Instructor, in order to be able to show Leicester and the rest of the country what a great class they were missing out on! Now I can look forward to carrying on my Hour of Power journey, bringing new energy and positivity with a new class of ‘Hoppers’.