Niall Howard

Niall Howard
Location: Huddersfield, UK


Pure Fitness Lindley

  • Mondays 18:30
  • Thursdays 18:00
Niall Howard

Having practised Hour of Power for many years, I decided in 2012 to become a certified HOP® Instructor. Attending a special ‘Olympic Year’ certification course at Loughborough University, I began a journey deeper into the Fitness4x4 training philosophy and it’s a journey I am now very excited to share with my new HOP® class at Pure Fitness in Huddersfield.

I have practised boxing and mixed martial arts, and am a performing drummer – all of which I believe combines really well in my teaching of the Hour of Power. I enjoy pushing my physical boundaries in training. I enjoy the way the HOP® develops self-discipline as well as fitness, and I love a good musical beat. Hour of Power delivers all of those things, and that’s why I love teaching it.