Stef Jansen

Location: Tonbridge, UK


Drama Studio, Tonbridge
  • Mondays 19:45
Stef Jansen

Over the years my fitness journey has seen me participate in football, weight training, Thai boxing and Wing Chun Kung Fu.

I discovered the Hour of Power class in 2003 after seeing Rajko perform the Dragan Challenge during my first year studying at Loughborough University. For quite a while now, my training regime has consisted almost purely of the Hour of Power (plus other forms of Fitness4x4 training and some basic callisthenics).

Through just a few hours of intense training a week, the class has provided me with a fitness level that others spend far longer trying to achieve. It has been a dependable and mindful training concept which I know that I can return to time and time again, always feeling revitalised and refreshed as a result of completing the workout.