Toni Tarten-Hughes

Contact number: 07740198321
Location: UK

I am a level 4 Personal Trainer that specialises in Exercise Referral and Lower back pain.

I teach group classes on a regular basis which includes Suspension Training, Indoor cycle, Kettlebell, circuits, Mixed Martial Arts and Bootcamps as well as seated based classes for over 55’s.

I am also qualified in PinkBelt Kickboxing as a group exercise coach and 1:1 instructor which takes women on a journey of 12 weeks of training to become a Pink Belt after their grading.

After serving in the British Army as a Combat Medical Technician for 14 years I decided to make the transition into the fitness industry to pursue my love of exercise. I can take my experiences in the Army to fuel my passion to inspire others through their health journeys. I am also a mum of 2 young children so I understand and respect the needs of parents and the need to find a healthy family and ‘me’ time balance.

My main focus as a personal trainer is encouraging and empowering women to reach their fitness goals. I am constantly looking for new and exciting forms of exercise to keep clients interested, which is why I was drawn to the Hour of Power initially. HOP brings mindfulness into strength and endurance training which I have found very beneficial for varying fitness levels.

I participate in CrossFit at a local gym which keeps me motivated to reach goals and opens my mind to different forms of exercise.