Yunieska Gomez

Contact number: 07305789206
Location: UK


PureGym Bradford Thornbury

  • Class time to follow

Eastburn Fitness Centre

  • Fridays 18:00
  • Sunday 10:00 (Every 4th week)

My name is Yuni. I came to the UK from Cuba over a decade ago, with my two beautiful daughters, my bags (packed full of my hopes and dreams) and a simple faith that “I can do anything that I set my mind to”. I survived the big transition and even managed to open up my own successful cake shop. But two years ago, my marriage of nearly 10 years ended and a few months after that I lost my shop that I had set up, ending up bankrupt and broken.

I decided to take a journey of self-development and in the process invest in myself, my PT and mentor Graham Wheatcroft who introduced me to the Hour of Power and Fitness 4×4. I loved it so much that I resolved to certify to teach it. My intention was to be able to change the lives of others with it like it had done for me: with fitness as well as nutrition, daily habits and mindfulness.

That is my story and why I became an Hour of Power instructor. As always I am ready for the journey ahead and I hope you will join me on it.