Zynab Yaseen

Zynab Yaseen
Location: UK


The Printworks Health Club & Spa
  • Tuesdays 18:00
Zynab Yaseen

Active from a young age, I competed in various sports, primarily short distance sprinting and swimming. I subsequently managed to maintain a satisfactory level of fitness for years, even after stopping competitive sport, doing so by attending yoga and other aerobics classes, until I moved back to London in 2008. It was at this time that I began to find it a struggle to find that balance between urban daily working life and time to focus on me, my health and my fitness.

I attended my first HOP® class at Club Kensington in 2011, and haven’t looked back since. Every class gives me an enlightening experience and the well-being satisfaction I had been craving. I now dedicate one hour, twice a week for me, my mind and my body. I feel the benefits of the HOP® are endless, engaging the upper body as well as the lower body in true and total fitness.

Having completed my Instructor Certification Training in June 2013, I now teach regularly at The Printworks Club (formerly ’37Degrees’ Club) in Olympia overseeing a class set up following the closure of London’s longest-running HOP® at Club Kensington. My focus is to bring others on board with this form of training and communicate my passion for the HOP® experience.