I actually look forward to doing exercise

“I met Ian Howell at a local running club last year, as well as helping with my running (run/walking at first) he told me about the Hour of Power classes he had attended in Dubai and how much fun it was, so when Ian started up his own class last month I was very keen to try it out. I have tried Pilates, circuit training etc…but I can honestly say Hour of Power is by far the best exercise class I have ever been to, it’s more like going out to meet friends than going to a class! I just love the atmosphere, Ian has such enthusiasm and energy he gets the whole class cheering and shouting along with him. I come out of every class dripping in sweat which feels great! I rode horses as my job for 10 years and in all that time I never had any definition in my upper arms, in just a few weeks of HOP® I can see my arms have toned up and I’m starting to see biceps for the first time in my life, it is an amazing class and is completely addictive, I would recommend Ian and HOP® to anyone.”

Carol Casey, Recruitment Coordinator, The British Racing School

“Since starting the Hour of Power in East Anglia I actually look forward to doing exercise, it is such a great class with an amazing trainer, Ian motivates you constantly throughout the class with words of encouragement and with such enthusiasm that you want to push your self more and more, he really does practice what he preaches. I feel so much fitter and a lot happier with myself since starting the class. I am losing weight and I can see a change in my body shape every week which makes me want to go to the class more and more. Thanks Ian for all your hard work and for bringing HOP® to red lodge the best exercise class I have ever been to!!”

Carman Norris, Cambridgeshire

“I just want to say what a fantastic class Ian takes. I’ve been coming for 5 weeks now and really starting to feel the benefits……not as many wobbly bits!!! It’s a great atmosphere and with numbers hitting 50 plus you must be doing something right 🙂 A big ‘thank you’ for teaching us how to HOP®  :)”

Nikki Nash, Red Lodge, Suffolk

“Little smug!! Two more certificates decorating my fridge!! Slimmer of the week after a 4lb loss and got my 2st award taking me to 2st 31/2 lb since joining in January. (I have lost more than that since sept) have to say I’m putting this down to a combination of slimming world and Ian’s amazing class Hour of Power!! It Goes to show it works if you want it to!!”

Liz Ward, Mildenhall, Suffolk

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