Julie Liggins HOP® Class

I went to my first HOP® class about 18 months ago, having never used weights before, I used the lightest weights and still could barely walk the next day, but I loved it! The thing I love most about the class is how you feel stronger every time you do it, you can see the definition in your muscles develop as you build strength and use heavier weights and the feeling you get when you manage to stay in that darn isometric squat for two minutes, well there’s nothing like it!
Debbie Bradley (attends HOP® Droitwich)

I love the Hour of Power®, it’s the one class that every time you do it it feels like it’s your first time. It works a vast array of muscles and improves your stamina ten fold. It’s delivered in a professional and friendly manner. It helps bring out the best in you! There is no better way to get fit then the Hour of Power®. It was the very first class I did and made me love exercise!
Jack Hawkins (attends HOP® Droitwich)

I love HOP® as it really challenges me. It’s like a gym work out but much more fun! I love the fact I get a CV work out while I’m using weights so it works everything. I’ve only been going about 6 weeks but I’ve upped my weights already. Julie and Lisa are great at motivating too so I always try and keep going even when I’m not sure I can!
Julia Jones (attends HOP® Droitwich)

I discovered HOP® when I joined studio 2 almost a year ago and I absolutely love it!! I enjoy the energy of the whole class and since going to HOP® once or twice a week I have lost a stone and kept it off, along with toning up my arms, stomach, shoulders, bum and thighs. I never get bored of this class and would recommend it to anyone who would like an all over body workout. The 200 squats in the warm up has targeted my problem area on my body and as a result of this I am wearing jeans a size smaller than before I started doing HOP®. The music is fab too and this is by far one of the best classes I have ever done.
Naomi Stanley (attends HOP® Droitwich)

Hour of Power® is amazing…its good for the body and your mind, you can use the weights according to your level of fitness…you can achieve so much if you work hard. Rajko is a motivational instructor and this class is brilliant. You’d be mad if you don’t try it!
Helen Troughton (attends HOP® Droitwich)

I attended my first Hour of Power® class over 2 years ago. It’s the type of class that you never get bored of. Even though it doesn’t change, every time you attended a class it always feels like the first time! The benefits I’ve seen personally are amazing, and the feeling when you have finished is pure satisfaction! I can’t fault this fitness class. Everyone is always full of energy, so when i feel i can’t push myself anymore, I just look at Julie or any of the other attendees and I get an instant boost of energy!
My fitness levels have really improved thanks to Hour of Power®!!
Donna Upton (attends HOP® Droitwich)

The music starts, the warm up begins and the ‘what am I doing here’ feeling disappears. Julie and Lisa always have a great, upbeat atmosphere in their HOP® classes. I always come away knowing I’ve worked out and survived those squats! I am no longer the one who would never contemplate exercise but the one who enjoys it.
Bernie Green (attends HOP® Droitwich)

After 2 1/2 years ,never tire of this class. Love the feel good factor after class
Michelle Williams (attends HOP® Droitwich)

Hour of Power® is great for me as I needed a class that provides an all over body work out. The class continues to push me hard and I have noticed an increase in strength particularly upper body. I love that after the class, I can really feel that I’ve worked hard.
Julie Smith-Rose (attends HOP® Droitwich)

Since going to my first ever HOP® class over 2 years ago I’m so much fitter and feel a lot better in myself. To the point I can climb the Malvern hills without thinking I’m going to die !! It’s a great all over body workout . Everyone should try it and I’m sure they will be hooked.
Jane Griffiths (attends HOP® Droitwich)