Push to your limits

“I’ve never been that interested in group exercise classes but I really enjoy HOP® because it’s great fun, the music and atmosphere is brilliant and it’s really improving my fitness and working every part of my body”

Darren Boston, Well being advisor/nutritionalist

“Who knew exercise could be so much fun and addictive – Love it!!!”

Andrea Farrow, participant

HOP® Brighouse & Elland BMW charity class
HOP® Brighouse & Elland BMW charity class

“I have been doing the Hour of Power for over 3 years now. It’s a brilliant class to challenge yourself and push to your limits! I have seen a big improvement in my fitness levels since joining and will always keep it in my weekly routine!”

Gary Barnesm Amateur rugby player

“Since I’ve started the Hour of Power class, my fitness levels have improved. I am a lot stronger and my stamina has also improved. I can see a difference in myself and I still enjoy the class after 3 years”

Mark Boulton, class participant

HOP® Brighouse & Elland Summer class outside local park
HOP® Brighouse & Elland Summer class outside local park

“I have been going to Hour Of Power in West Yorkshire for the past year. I originally gave it a try with my friend to see how the workout could improve my physique…Quite dramatically is the answer! My stomach and triceps have seen improvement in terms of definition. My thighs and core in general have developed stronger muscles and that has helped me with my endurance, which in turn has allowed me to progress further in the HOP® class. I began with 1kg weights in each hand, quickly moving up to 2s and after a few months pushed myself to progress up to 3kgs; I’m now persevering with 4kgs throughout the hour session.

I really enjoy the class as having people around me makes me want to not quit half way through, and to be honest I like the competitive aspect I put in to it 🙂

Graham Wheatcroft is a great instructor and motivates and encourages you to your full potential, giving relevant advice and feedback along the way.

I started as a complete beginner and novice, and with encouragement have progressed to a competent weekly attendee of my local HOP® classes.”

Cheryl Rothwell, class participant

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