Xavier Dolino Memorial page

This page is dedicated to Xavier Dolino, who passed away with Leukaemia at the age of 37. He was a Senior Fitness4x4 Trainer and an inspirational Health Pioneer.  This page has been set up to honour Xavier in a unique way.

In the last three years, Xavier was hit with Leukemia three times, and three times told he would probably not survive. With massive personal resolve and commitment to fighting the illness with fitness & good nutrition, rather than with drugs, he defied the odds and recovered to full health twice. Not merely surviving the illness, but returning to world-class competition and to a truly inspiring and contagious level of fitness and vitality. The third time it struck his body was not able to withstand it.

However, in his last days in the hospital, he continued to motivate and teach those around him. That was Xavier. He kept lifting his dumbbells and training in the best way he knew, no matter what life threw at him. And to his dying day, he continued to create energy, in defiance of what the disease was trying to do to him. It is this spirit and this commitment to physical vitality that we want to honour on this page.

A short video clip has been put together by Fitness4x4. It features photos & video of Xavier from our recent archive and has been put together over the song ‘Monagri’, which was a favourite song of Xavier’s, written by his friend and fitness colleague Rajko Radovic.

If you knew Xavier the video will remind you of his passion for life, for fitness, for teaching, for his friends and for having a positive impact on the health of everyone he encountered. If you didn’t know Xavier, hopefully, you will still get a sense of the very same thing

His mentor and friend Dragan Radovic has invited everyone who knew Xavier (or would simply like to honour him) to perform 100 continuous lifts of any dumbbell. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing – take 5 minutes from your schedule to do these 100 lifts. To take a minute’s silence to remember the man…then take 5 minutes of physical action to honour what the man stood for. It is absolutely what he would have wanted.

If you would like to be part of this commemoration or share your story of Xavier, please send us your own personal comment and we will add it to this page.