HOP® Online Workout (on-demand version of the DVD)

Since the first Fitness4x4 Workout DVD was produced back in 2005, thousands of people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds have been following the ‘Hour of Power’ workout DVD from their TV or computer screens, in the comfort of their own homes. Of course nothing can match the energy of a studio full of people, but for some the freedom of being able to do the class when they want and without others watching, is a fantastic advantage.


And since the DVD uses the same highly motivating music as the studio class, the same clear teaching and instructions as a real class, plus the added bonus of beautiful panoramic backdrops from Hawaii and Montenegro, you can be sure to get the same quality of workout as any studio class.

The NEW Hour of Power DVD is the culmination of 25 years of the most efficient fitness class in the world. Designed to maximize your energy capacity, dramatically improve your fitness and permanently change your physique, this DVD will guide you through the workout that allowed Rajko to set a world record in upper body endurance and his father Dragan Radovic to go 10 years undefeated in fitness challenges across the world.

When it comes to total body fitness no other workout can compete with Hour of Power…it is the ultimate fitness class.