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New Hour of Power class in Milton Keynes

A new Hour of Power class is starting in Milton Keynes on Tuesday, 29th August 2017 at 6 pm at the following location: Powerleague Milton Keynes Walton High Fyfield Barrow Walnut Tree MK7 7WH Registration will commence at 5:45-6pm to

Jack Hoskyn

“The HOP® truly is the toughest training both physically and mentally that I have encountered. I have played premier club rugby in New Zealand, the training was intense and my level of fitness had to be what I thought was near peak for me to remain competitive. However, since I have been doing the HOP® on a regular basis, my physical condition has improved dramatically. After the first couple of sessions, the body can recover without feeling aches and pains which allows you to train more frequently. I recommend it to anyone who desires better physical condition, and can guarantee that it will test anyone in ways that no other training method can.” (Jack Hoskyn, Rugby Player)

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Carol Casey

“I have tried Pilates, circuit training etc…but I can honestly say HOP® is by far the best exercise class I have ever been to. I rode horses as my job for 10 years and in all that time I never had any definition in my upper arms, in just a few weeks of HOP® I can already see my arms have toned it is an amazing class and is completely addictive.” (Carol Casey, Recruitment Coordinator, The British Racing School)

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Rick Smith

“The Hour of Power class was a great asset to the Loughborough Athletic Union. Adding a new dimension to sport at Loughborough is always a tough challenge, and yet this is exactly what the HOP® class did for almost a decade. The class really made a big impact on the students and each year memberships sold out quickly, making it obvious that HOP® reaches an audience that perhaps other fitness classes do not.” (Rich Smith, Athletic Union President 2009/10, Loughborough university)

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Julie Liggins HOP® Class

HOP® Droitwich

I went to my first HOP® class about 18 months ago, having never used weights before, I used the lightest weights and still could barely walk the next day, but I loved it! The thing I love most about the

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Aimee Featherstone’s HOP® Class

Kathryn Watts

My HOP® journey started a year ago and I had heard so many good things about this workout via FB that I knew I had to try it. For someone that doesn’t like exercise after my first class with Aimee

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Nick Le-Wechner’s HOP® Class

HOP® Isleham & Soham

I love the Isleham HOP because not only does the instructor, Nick support you every step of the way and push you to achieve your goals but also it is a real team atmosphere and we all work together during

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Michelle Knight’s HOP® Class

Henni Hingston

Last April I decided I wanted to make lifestyle changes to be fitter and change my diet. My self esteem had been low after going through the body changes of having my son. I had tried slimming world and some workout

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Michelle Knight’s HOP® Class (2)

Craig Wilson

As someone who hated gyms and has tried every exercise fad going, the only thing I have ever stuck with is Hour of Power® with Michelle knight. I’ve been attending classes for almost a year now and still get a

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Creating a FB group for your local class

NB: In order to create an Hour of Power® GROUP on Facebook, you must be an Active Licensed Instructor/Club/Independent Provider of the workout, endorsed and authorized by Fitness4x4 Ltd. STEP 1: Choosing Your Group Name 1.1 If you are an Hour

Push to your limits

HOP Brighouse & Elland (BMW charity class)

“I’ve never been that interested in group exercise classes but I really enjoy HOP® because it’s great fun, the music and atmosphere is brilliant and it’s really improving my fitness and working every part of my body” Darren Boston, Well

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The Hour of Pleasure

The first week I also struggled to complete all of the squats, I’m now able to keep up and am pushing myself to squat lower.   No other exercise class has ever made me feel a difference in my body

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The hour just flies by

Keeley Webb, Sarah Jew, Sophie Tomkins

Julie’s HOP® classes are fab as she is supportive and encouraging! Through the focus of HOP® in just a few weeks I can now achieve things i didn’t think I would ever be able to do and I enjoy it! 

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I actually look forward to doing exercise

“I met Ian Howell at a local running club last year, as well as helping with my running (run/walking at first) he told me about the Hour of Power classes he had attended in Dubai and how much fun it

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I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of HOP®!

HOP® Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove

“I am so happy I discovered Lindsey Allen’s Hour of Power class. From the first session I attended I was hooked by her amazing enthusiasm and positive and inspiring character. Attending the class has made a huge difference to my

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Attending HOP® Class has given me the fitness bug!

HOP® Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove Class Participants

“Lindsey Allen HOP® class is my saving grace. I hadn’t done any exercise for a couple of years and thought I’d never find a class but more importantly an instructor I would want to keep going to . I love

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Power of Life and for Life

Irina Sharma

When I attended my first Hour of Power class, I was sceptical and wanted to see how it would compliment with yoga, running, weight training and basketball, all of which I do regularly. What caught my attention and made me feel comfortable

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Most original and enjoyable exercise class

Carrie Skinner and Lucy Smart

I didn’t know what to expect from my first HOP® class, I found it daunting starting a new class but I love it! A few thoughts entered my head for example what if I’m not fit enough for that class.

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Perfect combination of cardio and strength training

Carrie Skinner and Marcy Fenton

“What a class, you leave knowing you have worked really hard, and feeling awesome. And at last I have arms that look good in tight fitting tops. I leave every class looking forward to the next one.” Mercy Fenton “Hour

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Top class, top instructor

Jay Ramji (on the left), Gavin Turner (on the right), Adela Gregory (in the middle) with Luca Neroni

Having never been to a gym before in my life, I was persuaded by my friends to give the class a go. I went for it and never looked back. I was initially nervous about the whole thing, thinking that the regulars would

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Halloween HOP® fun

Read more about HOP® Featured Class: Active4Less Uxbridge (UK)

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All ages and sizes are welcome

Jay Ramji (on the left), Gavin Turner (on the right), Adela Gregory (in the middle) and Sandra Jawara (kneeling)

Me – an overweight middle aged woman who lacked confidence; and who if given the choice of weights or a cardio workout, I would choose weights every time with one exception the HOP® class. I have been doing the HOP®

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HOP® Holmfirth testimonials

HOP® Persona Gym, Holmfirth

I have been a participant of Holmfirth’s hour of power for several months now, and I always feel as though it’s an amazing workout! Due to the popularity of this workout, there’s a great atmosphere within the studio. I am

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Fitness class for all ages

Lorna Noonan & Brenda Davies

The Hour of Power for us is a class that is good for all ages. We are ladies of a certain age and find the workout enjoyable and really beneficial.  We both have had injuries to rehab, including hip replacement

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Buzzing by the end of the session

Ian Tregerja

From my first session of The Hour of Power, I knew it would be something I would carry on with every week. I play a lot of Rugby and the training works well to up my fitness level and up

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Not a minute wasted with HOP®

Tim Healey

I have never been a regular visitor to the gym, unless your idea of regular is once every other year. I am a ski instructor and kiteboard to a reasonable level, and believe that the best way to achieve functional

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HOP® Hoylake class testimonials

HOP® Hoylake

“Hour of power is amazing, Gill is an ace motivator. My friends and I look forward to every class. I am a fully fledged HOP® addict.” Abi Swanick “My first Hour of Power class today.  I could really feel the

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Best on so many levels


I tried Hour Of Power for the first time around 18 months ago. I was already doing Bodypump which was the class that started straight after the Hour Of Power. What intrigued me about it was the amount of people

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Most challenging and rewarding class I have attended


Hour of power is quite simply an amazing working. It’s a full body workout and makes you leave the gym feeling shattered but like you’ve done an amazing workout. It’s not the easiest class by far. I’ve been doing the

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Surge of excitement at every class

I went to my first Hour of Power class at Club Kensington six months ago. Having worked out at and been an avid aerobics fitness fan for a number of years, I had been looking for that class that fed

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