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Hour of Power

Jack Hoskyn

“The HOP® truly is the toughest training both physically and mentally that I have encountered. I have played premier club rugby in New Zealand, the training was intense and my level of fitness had to be what I thought was near peak for me to remain competitive. However, since I have been doing the HOP® on a regular basis, my physical condition has improved dramatically. After the first couple of sessions, the body can recover without feeling aches and pains which allows you to train more frequently. I recommend it to anyone who desires better physical condition, and can guarantee that it will test anyone in ways that no other training method can.” (Jack Hoskyn, Rugby Player)

Carol Casey

"I have tried Pilates, circuit training etc...but I can honestly say HOP® is by far the best exercise class I have ever been to. I rode horses as my job for 10 years and in all that time I never had any definition in my upper arms, in just a few weeks of HOP® I can already see my arms have toned it is an amazing class and is completely addictive." (Carol Casey, Recruitment Coordinator, The British Racing School)

Rick Smith

"The Hour of Power class was a great asset to the Loughborough Athletic Union. Adding a new dimension to sport at Loughborough is always a tough challenge, and yet this is exactly what the HOP® class did for almost a decade. The class really made a big impact on the students and each year memberships sold out quickly, making it obvious that HOP® reaches an audience that perhaps other fitness classes do not." (Rich Smith, Athletic Union President 2009/10, Loughborough university)

Creating a FB group for your local class

NB: In order to create an Hour of Power® GROUP on Facebook, you must be an Active Licensed Instructor/Club/Independent Provider of the workout, endorsed and authorized by Fitness4x4 Ltd. STEP 1: Choosing Your Group Name 1.1 If you are an Hour…