Top class, top instructor

Having never been to a gym before in my life, I was persuaded by my friends to give the class a go. I went for it and never looked back. I was initially nervous about the whole thing, thinking that the regulars would laugh at me but it wasn’t like that at all. I immediately felt at home and knew that everyone else was with me.

The first class really showed me the level I needed to work at. I felt every muscle in my body for the first time, many of which I didn’t even know I had!

I’m improving my technique, strength and endurance with each class although the squats never seem to get easier! I recently moved up a weight too and my confidence is building. The sense of achievement after each class is awesome. It’s been 5 months now and I cannot stand to miss a class. Luca’s advice and encouragement has really helped me and he is great at helping beginners. He makes the class look ridiculously easy sometimes but I hope I can get close to his level one day. I can only make one Sunday class a week but I’d go to every class if I could.

The class is addictive, fun and highly recommended.

Jay Ramji

Jay Ramji (on the left), Gavin Turner (on the right), Adela Gregory (in the middle) with Luca Neroni
Jay Ramji (on the left), Gavin Turner (on the right), Adela Gregory (in the middle) with Luca Neroni

I started my HOP® classes with Luca five and half years ago and I can honestly say that I only missed very few classes over the years. I started HOP® just to get fitter for my volunteer project in the jungle.

I always considered myself pretty fit but during my first class I didn’t even manage to lift my hands for the 10 minutes or so and that was without dumbbells and forget the two minute squatting exercise. For five days afterwards I literally could not walk but I persisted and with time I got better and better. Now I don’t feel the exercise at all the next day and I’m actually lifting 2kg dumbbells. This may not sound that impressive but considering I am only exercising one hour a week I think that’s not bad at all.

HOP® helped me to survive and enjoy my month in jungle working in hot and humid conditions, which would have been a very different story without my HOP® ‘prep work’. But since then HOP® kept me very fit and I just can’t go without it. I really hate if I have to miss a class with Luca as he just knows how to motivate us all. Believe it or not but one hour of HOP® a week can give you a four-pack!”

Adela Gregory

‘For me, the Hour of Power represents something quite special. It is a way of thinking, an approach to exercise which has changed my logic of, and perception to fitness. It provides the perfect balance  between hard-work and reward which no other fitness regime I tried previously delivered. Each class is a different experience, a unique challenge in its own right. I go to classes every Sunday and Monday at Flex in Uxbridge which are taught by Luca. I have attended classes with several different instructors but Flex feels like ‘home’. Put simply; great, class, great group of people, great work ethic! I remember how welcoming the class felt as a newcomer, and even now, as a trainee instructor I am constantly amazed at how supportive and helpful everyone is.

What I find the most interesting about the Hour of Power is that you have the control to tailor the class to your ability.  Not only that, but whatever your level, you will always find both new physical and psychological aspects to hone and perfect; synching the movements to the beat, increasing weights size, mastering those squats, getting your breathing right, focusing on every rep, tapping into the energy in the room, to name but a few. The Hour of Power is a workout for body and the mind, you simply can’t get bored doing this class like you might on a treadmill, and switching to auto-pilot is not an option. The different reps and time changes will see to that!

If you happen to live local to Uxbridge then I really can’t recommend enough giving one of Luca’s Hour of Power classes a try, you will not regret it. And on Sunday’s he also does his famous extra abs session!’

Gavin Turner

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