Attending HOP® Class has given me the fitness bug!

“Lindsey Allen HOP® class is my saving grace. I hadn’t done any exercise for a couple of years and thought I’d never find a class but more importantly an instructor I would want to keep going to . I love Lindsey’s passion and motivation and the class is such a good workout I don’t know what I’d do if she hadn’t come to Bromsgrove to teach it .” (Sarah Hember)

“I started doing Hour of Power back in January with Lindsey Allen and became hooked instantly! After 4 months I feel stronger and have also not given up which has happened to me in the past! Love the class and instructor x” (Joanne Parker Crawley)

“Since joining the Ryland Centre in January 2013 and doing Lindsey Allen’s classes my life has changed and made me a more confident and a stronger person. Through all of Lindsey’s motivation and help and support and changing my diet in 3 months I have dropped a dress size and feel amazing. I would recommend that anyone that what’s try exercise and have fun to try the classes as it has changed my life for the better. Thank you Lindsey x Since starting my first HOP® class in January 2013 with Lindsey Allen I have gained so my strength and confidence through doing an amazing hours class. I have recommended this to so many friends. We love Hour of Power! ” (Joanne Lewis Fitton)

“I haven’t ever been inspired to exercise until now! The Hour of Power creates a sense of well being, gives a total body workout and leaves me with an energetic feeling when I’ve completed a class which has led me to be committed to continuing exercising, thank you Lindsey Allen” (Cheryl Nairn)

HOP® Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove Class Participants
HOP® Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove Class Participants

“I joined the Ryland Centre in Bromsgrove in January 2013 and since then have been doing Hour of Power with Lindsey Allen a minimum of twice a week. I want everyone to know what an amazing class Hour of Power is!! It is an amazing hard yet fun all round workout which you can tailor to your own strength and ability. The class challenges your endurance, speed and strength. In all the years I have been doing gym classes (and I have done many) Hour of Power is by far the most challenging, rewarding yet fun class I have ever done. During the classes Lindsey guides, motivates and demonstrates what you will be doing, she will add her own little twists to keep the routine varied from week to week. The whole class is now like a little “family” who all work exceptionally hard to their own levels which in turn makes you want to work hard too. The class can be extremely noisy at times too with lots of whooping! At the end of the class through the sweat everyone is always smiling and feels invigorated that they have completed such a challenging class but are already looking forward to the next one! Who would have thought getting fit and seeing amazing results could be such fun! Hour of Power – love it! (Jo Collins)

“HOP® with Lindsey Allen is a fantastic class! She’s enthusiastic, inclusive and fun. I look forward to her classes several times a week as I know lots of others do to. I am gaining confidence and a level of fitness I’ve never been able to in the past. We love her energy, her motivation and her huge smile. Til the next HOP® xxx” (Caroline Walton)

HOP® Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove Class Participants
HOP® Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove Class Participants

“Attending Lindsey Allen’s HOP® classes, has given me the fitness bug! The energy in the room was amazing, Lindsey is the Best motivator in the world! x” (Rebecca Lutwyche)

“HOP® with Lindsey; anyone looking for a total body and mind work out should join Lindsey’s class. I love the calm meditative introduction then wow!! Away we go full body workout. Lindsey apart from looking great is inclusive encouraging and oozes enthusiasm !!” (Marsha Jones)

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