All ages and sizes are welcome

Me – an overweight middle aged woman who lacked confidence; and who if given the choice of weights or a cardio workout, I would choose weights every time with one exception the HOP® class. I have been doing the HOP® class for 3 years.

Although several people in the weights area of our local gym had recommended it, I wasn’t convinced that someone my size and age would be able to do the HOP® class.  I was introduced to Luca who made me feel welcome, after a run through of the exercises involved and advice given on the correct weight to work with, I gave it a go and haven’t looked back.  My plans are worked around Sunday and Monday HOP® classes, (even driving 3 hours to get to Sunday HOP® on many occasions).

Jay Ramji (on the left), Gavin Turner (on the right), Adela gregory (in the middle) and Sandra Jawara (kneeling)
Jay Ramji (on the left), Gavin Turner (on the right), Adela gregory (in the middle) and Sandra Jawara (kneeling)

There are lots of classes offered, but  to have a workout that works all the body muscles, is suitable for both men and women, young and old of all shapes and sizes, those many class choices soon diminish, but not HOP®. The versatility of HOP® means exercises can easily be made harder to suit ability.

To exercise; have fun; feel the vibes of excitement that you have a hard workout in front of you and when all hot and sweaty, your muscles are burning, you still want to come back for more….. Then you have the ultimate workout.

What I like about our class in Uxbridge:

  • Everyone is made to feel welcome by Luca and students alike.
  • Social events, themed classes – the Halloween HOP®, it was amazing to see so many participating, great night had by all.
  • Electrifying music.
  • An instructor who doesn’t just take the class and that’s it – Luca makes a point in getting to know his students, he wants his students to work hard, to keep on pushing themselves, keep on improving themselves, whether that’s gaining strength, toning muscles or gaining confidence to encourage others, Luca has a unique way of bringing the best out in people.

Sandra Jawara

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