Most challenging and rewarding class I have attended

Nabel 'Nabs' Elkrissi
Nabel ‘Nabs’ Elkrissi

Hour of power is quite simply an amazing working. It’s a full body workout and makes you leave the gym feeling shattered but like you’ve done an amazing workout.

It’s not the easiest class by far. I’ve been doing the class on and off for about 2 and 1/2 years but quite recently have been hitting it hard twice a week. I will never forget the first time I ever tried the class, and did the typical manly thing and went for some heavy weights to try and impress or look the part……BIG MISTAKE, as i found out to my embarassment. Repetition is key to this class, doing a particular exercise for a large number of repetitions, and to an outsider may seem east….but rest assured it most definitely isn’t.

I heard about the class through work (around the corner from the gym)…..where quite a lot of people were attending the class. It became a constant discussion amongst the building of “have you been to HOP® yet, it’s amazing”….to be honest I was quite skeptical at first and didn’t pay it any attention, considering you hear about other so called ‘amazing’ classes such as spinning and body pump. But i can honestly say as much i as i do and like other classes, Hour Of Power has been by far the most challenging and most rewarding class i have attended. It’s highly energetic, interactive and above all gets you serious results in a short space of time….combining the cardio aspects of the workout as well as physically toning.

I highly recommend the class to anyone. For those that do decide to try it out, i would say to put all your misconceptions about gym classes to one side….try this class out and you definitely won’t regret it…..especially once you start seeing changes in a matter of weeks

Nabel ‘Nabs’ Elkrissi

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