Club Kensington (London, UK)

Laying claim to the longest running Hour of Power class in the world, having started way back in 1985, Club Kensington in West London (formerly known as ‘Westside’) hosts an unfalteringly popular Hour of Power class two nights per week, with fully-booked classes on both nights. The class was started at Club Kensington in the 80’s by HOP® founder Dragan Radovic, but since then has been taught by more instructors than any other location in the world, and never losing it’s popularity in almost 30 years of running.

Currently the class is taught by a trio of talented instructors who have for the past 12 months shared the responsibility of keeping class momentum and energy, having taken over from National HOP® Director Rajko Radovic in 2011. This dynamic trio is led by Instructor Angelika Chycko, who is supported 110% by Instructors Vince Baczor and Jordana Blagoeva. Each instructor has their own style, their own dynamic and their own reasons for teaching, but all three have shown tremendous passion and commitment to the class over many years, both as participants and teachers.

Jordana & Angelika
Jordana & Angelika

Check out Instructor Bio’s for each Instructor to find out a little more, and in the coming days you can read a personal blog from each instructor to find out their motivation for teaching and what they have taken from being a HOP® Instructor in one of the busiest most prestigious districts of central London.

Club Kensington, just a stone’s throw from Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall, Harrods and Earls Court is a club in the very heart of modern London. Former members of Club Kensington include the likes of Madonna & Linford Christie, and it is not uncommon to see sporting stars like the NZ All-Blacks Rugby team training there whenever on tour in the UK. In a part of London where people expect quality and expertise, Club Kensington Hour of Power is renowned for having a very high expectation of instructors and participants. It is not a beginners class, and with some participants having been attending classes for over a decade, nothing short of the very best is demanded from Instructors there. Whether that was the enigmatic Foursome of Dragan, David Haas, Andy Wilner & Steve Woods in the 1980’s, the calm and collected Bijan and Steve Dennison in the 90’s, the highly dynamic Dominique Lockhart & Gayle Tarrant in the 00’s…or indeed the new trio of Angelika, Jordana and Vince in the 10’s … club Kensington Hour of Power has always been at the forefront of HOP® development.

In 2010, Club Kensington also had the special privilege of featuring on the Hour of Power Workout DVD, and has therefore made it’s mark on all significant events in HOP® history. As one of the UK’s registered licensed venues for Hour of Power, we hope it will remain at the forefront for many years to come, and produce not only more great instructors, but continue to benefit the Work-Weary West Londoners who flock to it every Mondays and Thursday night!

Instructor profiles:
Angelika Chycko
Vince Baczor
Jordana Blagoeva

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