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Best on so many levels


I tried Hour Of Power for the first time around 18 months ago. I was already doing Bodypump which was the class that started straight after the Hour Of Power. What intrigued me about it was the amount of people

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Most challenging and rewarding class I have attended


Hour of power is quite simply an amazing working. It’s a full body workout and makes you leave the gym feeling shattered but like you’ve done an amazing workout. It’s not the easiest class by far. I’ve been doing the

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Surge of excitement at every class

I went to my first Hour of Power class at Club Kensington six months ago. Having worked out at and been an avid aerobics fitness fan for a number of years, I had been looking for that class that fed

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Teaching where it all started

Angelika Chycko

This amazing workout means the world to me – the second the music starts it does something to me and everyone in the class. I feel relaxed, committed to the workout and find energy that I thought I didn’t have

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I have found leading the class surprisingly satisfying and fulfilling

Vince Baczor

I have been a participant in the Club Kensington Hour of Power Class for five years and an instructor for two. My original motivation to train as an instructor was as emergency backup for Rajko, but as time progressed, he

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