I have found leading the class surprisingly satisfying and fulfilling

I have been a participant in the Club Kensington Hour of Power Class for five years and an instructor for two. My original motivation to train as an instructor was as emergency backup for Rajko, but as time progressed, he became busy growing the class throughout the UK and I now have a regular slot. It is really interesting to see the difference in people and behaviour over my five-years.

Vince Baczor
Vince Baczor

Angelika, Jordana and I now have a steady group that is averaging 25, up from around 15, but with a couple of recent classes at studio capacity of 35. Apart from my own personal enjoyment and improved fitness, I have found leading the class surprisingly satisfying and fulfilling. It is a delight to see regular faces in a busy city with different individual motivation, attending and giving their all, with some great stories of improvement and personal achievement. Now, there is a real buzz about the class, more smiles, more feedback and bigger overall contribution during our shared hour.

Vince Baczor

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