Teaching where it all started

This amazing workout means the world to me – the second the music starts it does something to me and everyone in the class. I feel relaxed, committed to the workout and find energy that I thought I didn’t have a minute earlier.

Angelika Chycko
Angelika Chycko

I remember my first teaching experience: It wasn’t great, but that was back in June 2011. Since then, our regular participants have watched me grow as a person, leader and instructor. It is an amazing feeling to be able to share the same experience with over 20-30 people and watch them improve their technique and breathing pattern, lose weight and tone their muscles whilst enjoying the whole experience and sweating like never before! We also socialise after the class on the first Monday of each month – we have found friends and our loved ones in the class.

Someone used to say that the Kensington class gives no response. Recently something changed… everybody gives their heart and soul (and sound) to the class and that gives me happiness and keeps me going every time – I absolutely love it!

I am also very proud and honoured to be able to teach in the place where everything started over 25 years ago. Thank you for this opportunity! See you in the class!

Angelika Chycko

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