Surge of excitement at every class

Zynab Yaseen
Zynab Yaseen

I went to my first Hour of Power class at Club Kensington six months ago. Having worked out at and been an avid aerobics fitness fan for a number of years, I had been looking for that class that fed my impatient appetite for diversity. Repetition and the ‘same old’ bored me.

I remember walking out of my first class feeling elated on an emotional as well as physical level. In the first instance, the trainers, Angelika, Jordana and Vince, immediately made me feel welcome, focusing on my every move as a newcomer. The workout itself made me come away feeling physically empowered. The music and the atmosphere created this incredible build-up of energy in me. I still get that surge of excitement at every class.

I am now a regular, and a passionate advocate for Hour of Power, to the extent that I have probably bothered all I know about the class! It has had a tremendous impact on my overall fitness, and feeling of wellbeing. The people are great, and the trainers challenge me at every instance.

Zynab Yaseen

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