The hour just flies by

Julie’s HOP® classes are fab as she is supportive and encouraging! Through the focus of HOP® in just a few weeks I can now achieve things i didn’t think I would ever be able to do and I enjoy it!  On top of that I’ve noticed a massive change in my shape already! Can’t wait for the next class!
Sarah Jew

Keeley Webb, Sarah Jew, Sophie Tomkins
Keeley Webb, Sarah Jew, Sophie Tomkins

HOP® is brilliant! The hour just flies by as you’re having so much fun. It can be hard work but the support you get of Julie and the rest of the group gives you the push you need to keep on going. Always feel great after a HOP® session!
Sophie Tomkins

Melanie Hurdman and Donna Upton
Melanie Hurdman and Donna Upton

When I first started HOP® as a participant in Julie’s filmed assessment I was really unsure I didn’t think I would ever get used to the squats or weights section and I thought the repetition of it would make me lose interest very quickly, I couldn’t have been more wrong !! A few months down the line it is now my favourite class without a shadow of doubt and no week is complete without my 3 sessions !!  I love the fact that it pushes my body to the limits, that Julie’s passion for teaching it makes you not even realise that you are working so hard, that the studio we do it in let’s us see ourselves so we can check our positioning, it is just a fantastic all round workout !  The enthusiasm of all the other participants is also lovely to see and that exuberates from the energy and passion that Julie emits during the class.  I am extremely pleased that Julie introduced HOP® into my life and I wouldn’t be without it now !
Melanie Hurdman

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