The Hour of Pleasure

Lisa Footman, Gemma Howes, Susan Williams
Lisa Footman, Gemma Howes, Susan Williams

The first week I also struggled to complete all of the squats, I’m now able to keep up and am pushing myself to squat lower.   No other exercise class has ever made me feel a difference in my body so quickly. There is also no time to get bored at the classes, there is just too much going on. I can never remember what is coming next, so always feels like a new class. I think Julie is an excellent teacher, she loves HOP® and that really brushes off on the class, the motivation she gives is really is a tough work out, but you can go to your own abilities and there is lots and lots of opportunity to challenge yourself further! I love it! Thank you 🙂
Gemma Webb

Julie Liggins HOP® classes are AMAZING. I’ve been to a lot of fitness classes, but none of them compare to this class. I look forward to the classes, and don’t want them to end when I’m there. They are so much fun, very tiring but when you feel like you can’t go on Julie gives you the encouragement you need for that extra push. The classes are always very busy and the atmosphere is great. I just wish i could go to them all. I’m feeling great and seeing amazing results, as are many others on the classes. I have highly recommended her HOP® classes to friends and family, and there is a really nice HOP® community coming together, I call Julie’s class Hour of Pleasure, getting an amazing intense workout, losing the pounds, toning, and having fun. AMAZING….. 🙂
Natalie Halsall

I have always been quite fit and attended many many classes over the years.. However since having my last son I found my confidence had somewhat disappeared and basically just didn’t have the confidence and motivation until your classes were recommended!!! Instantly I felt welcome and the whole coming back experience really helped me.. Hour of power is a truly fab class that is so addictive and I just cannot get enough (in fact could you set up at my house in the event of missing miss a class?) You are inspirational and a really lovely, friendly and helpful lady/trainer.. My body has changed dramatically after only 4 months and yes I still want to achieve a lot more but know that I can do it with your help and encouragement. And an added bonus is that my wedding dress is getting smaller and smaller and is going to cost me a fortune in alterations ha ha!!
Alena Morton

Kath Taverner, Claire Pearson and Sarah Elvins
Kath Taverner, Claire Pearson and Sarah Elvins

I do hour of power once a week. I find the class really good, we have a lot of fun doing it. Julie Liggins is a great instructor. You dont realise all the hard work you put into each lesson, until the end, when you see all the sweat!! We do the 200 squats at the beginning and yes it hurts I wont lie. But when you start to see the results every week you see its worth it. I’m so glad Julie done the course, as I feel more energetic,  I’m getting my bounce back and I love it!!
Cassandra Finlan

I started going to Julie’ fitness classes two weeks ago and have tried them all. They are all great but HOP® is my favourite. From the moment you walk into Studio 2, you feel welcome and comfortable. There is a good variety of ages in the class and everyone is so keen and buzzing to start HOP®. Once we get going, you can see how much everyone wants to give it their all.

Julie is a fab instructor. There is no pressure but the motivation you get from Julie just spurs you on all the way. She is a lovely, friendly and happy instructor who obviously loves her job and has converted me into a HOP® fan, something which a few years ago, I would never of dreamed I could do.

Kay Drew

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