I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of HOP®!

“I am so happy I discovered Lindsey Allen’s Hour of Power class. From the first session I attended I was hooked by her amazing enthusiasm and positive and inspiring character. Attending the class has made a huge difference to my confidence and fitness and I have met some lovely people. Thanks Lindsey, you are awesome!” (Sarah Louise Baram)

“I was first introduced to HOP® by Lindsey Allen after mentioning that I was looking for a workout that used weights, she recommended I try it… I have been addicted to it ever since to the point that I have done the instructor training with a view to bringing HOP® to my town. The atmosphere in class is fantastic, I love the buzz the music gives you and the class really is the whole package of what I would want from a workout. HOP® is definitely an addiction and I would recommend it to everyone.” (Julie Liggins)

“I’ve only been doing Lindsey’s hour of power classes for about 5 weeks but from the very first session I was hooked! Lindsey has the incredible ability to make you feel so relaxed and at ease and is also a fantastic motivator! I already feel fitter and more confident in only a short space of time. Lindsey Allen’s hour of power classes rock!” (Kathryn Reed)

HOP® Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove Class Participants
HOP® Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove Class Participants

“I have being doing HOP® for almost a year now with Lindsey Allen and I still absolutely love it – it’s the only class I do that works me really hard but is still lots of fun and gives me a real buzz at the end. Lindsey is a true inspiration and keeps the whole class motivated and engaged til the very end. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of HOP®!!!” (Sarah Woods)

“Just to a big thank you for Hour of Power . I have attended your classes for nearly a year and have progressed from pink weights right up to grey (yippy) . My husband came along around 6 months ago for a lesson to see what all the fuss was about , and yes has attended ever since . He has worked his way up to the black weights, quite an achievement I’d say . Many thanks for your support and encouragement over the past twelve months. Here’s to Hour of Power !!” (John and Linda McGarry)

“Lindsey’s HOP® classes are highly motivational but never pressurized (unlike other gym classes I have attended) thanks to our FAB instructor! They are hard work but always fun – Lindsey’s comments take your mind off the pain; she notices and includes everyone, as she has always taken the time and trouble to get to know us all personally. The place is always buzzing and I smile through every class because I am genuinely pleased to be there I never thought I would progress beyond 1kg weights but over the months have managed to progress to reach 2.5kg weights and can foresee this progress continuing further (the weight loss has been an added bonus!)… All this thanks to Lindsey and her awesome HOP®!” (Samantha Wigley)

HoP Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove
HOP® Ryland Centre, Bromsgrove

“I have been doing HOP® classes with Lindsey Allen since June 2012, she is a totally awesome teacher full of enthusiasm and motivation. Her HOP® classes are amazing, the people are full of energy and there is a great buzz at every class, I feel I have worked every part of my body and mind when I have finished an Hour of Power class with Lindsey, we have even had an al fresco HOP® classes which are fantastic. Lindsey puts everything she has into her classes, she never fails to motivate and inspire everyone. I have never enjoyed exercising before I met Lindsey Allen and now I look forward to my next class as soon as I have finished. Hour of Power is my favourite class with her. Truly inspirational.” (Elaine Jones)

“It’s the best exercise class I’ve ever done (and I’ve tried a lot!!) & I’ve been known to turn up four times in row for my ‘HOP® fix’. Even though you are working out you are having fun. It’s up-beat, up-tempo and just a fantastic class to be part of. I’ve recommended her class to any of my friends that will listen to me! I love HOP® & I love Lindsey’s classes.” (Sara Knowles)

“HOP® is a fantastic class! Lindsey makes u feel at ease & encourages you when it gets tough! She is an awesome instructor who is very approachable & is always has a smile for you.” (Sarah Hannaford)

“Working out with Lindsey is a fun experience with lots of laughter….. So you don’t feel liked its a chore its something to look forward to. She is a great motivator and a fantastic instructor… . Thanks Lindsey” (Lian Perry)

“Previously I have never enjoyed any exercise and always found it a chore. I love HOP® and look forward to going to HOP® as Lindsey is so motivational and is such a fantastic instructor. The atmosphere in Lindsey’s classes is absolutely awesome.” (Sandra Davies)

“Lindsey makes you feel at ease. With a cheeky glint in her eye she pushes you gently into working harder, getting the most out of her class and having fun. I love Lindsey’s classes. Woooo!” (Sam Uren)

“A fantastic class with fantastic energy, brilliant instructor, hurrah for HOP®!!!” (Melanie Hurdman)

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