Palmers Green (London, UK)

About Tony Sesto and his Hour of Power class

Standing tall with perfect posture he took control. The music began as he started to slowly inhale, taking in long deep breaths. The class followed suit as Rajko took us through the most amazing warm up. I can still recall my first ”2 minute isometric squat “experience which flowed straight into seemingly never ending squats.

Master Class - Tony Sesto group
Master Class – Tony Sesto group

After a quick and well deserved water break, he then proceeded to take us through the main section. This consisted of a range of upper body movements that really tested my upper body strength and coordination whilst simultaneously jogging on the spot. The inspirational music rose to a crescendo just in time to carry me through when I thought i couldn’t do another rep. This exhilarating section was then followed by a core workout. After completing half the core routine my abs felt as if they had been struck by a sledge hammer! I had to call on all my resolve to complete the routine before finally stretching out and relaxing. I was hooked. The effectiveness, benefits and rewards of this class were so obvious I knew that the ” hour of power” was going to be a big part of my fitness regime.

Fast forward 8 years and here I am a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer and ‘Hour Of Power’ instructor delivering a class every Monday night through my company elitefitlondon. It was hard work in the beginning as I tried to persuade family and close friends to try out the class, but as time went on and the news spread the class started selling itself and now attracts regular numbers of 15 to 20 people per week. We have a fantastic mix of young,(14) and old (60++) male and female, all shapes and sizes, and all fitness levels but each and every participant gives it their best shot every week.

Dragan Radovic and Tony Sesto
Dragan Radovic and Tony Sesto

Tony Sesto - HOP® Instructor
Tony Sesto – HOP® Instructor

As an instructor, one of my favourite parts of the class is feeling the amount of ”united energy ” created by each and every person in the hall especially whilst waiting for the climax to the crescendo in the music during the double overhead press. The hour of power is a special class and coupled with special, genuinely friendly and welcoming people makes for a phenomenal experience each and every week.

The highlight of my hour of power class so far is Monday 21st May Dragan and Rajko came to the school and took a master class for which the hall was packed and the atmosphere was electric.

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